Note: As of Sept. 2010, CustodyTracker has merged with!

Our CVN desktop software has been replaced by the custody tracking service, a web-based program that can be used from any PC with an internet connection. The service offers a greatly-expanded set of tools for tracking and managing custody time, and the staff at ParentingTime are offering a discount to all former CVN customers.

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Help tools are easy to use, and are based on programs you already use at home and work.

The Child Custody and Visitation Tracker is the most indispensable tool every seperated or divorced parent can have. The Child Custody and Visitation Tracker can provide you the needed documentation when preparing for court.

Well organized documentation and being prepared can make the difference between winning and loosing custody of your children. The flexibility of the Custody and Visitation Tracker will allow you to effectively track all custody and visitation concerns, child support, child support arrearages and keep notes that are vital to your custody case. Spending just a few minutes with the Child Custody and Visitation Tracker (CVT) will get your facts organized. No matter where you are in the custody process, no matter if you already have custody or are trying to obtain custody, the Child Custody and Visitation Tracker can help you prepare an effective case to win (or defend) custody of your children.

Custody and Visitation Tracker will illustrate violations of your visitation schedule. You will be able to document interference in your childrens lives and parental alienation issues. It will document problems with non payment of child support. Illustrate your involvement with your children. You will always be able to find exactly the information you are looking for. CVT also provides simple, no nonsense reports to organize and build your case.

CVT will track of all your financial information. CVT will track all your visitation concerns. CVT also provides a journaling tool that allows you to keep notes, record conversations, journal your thoughts and concerns, identify issues to discuss with your lawyer.

The courts are so incredibly overworked you could wait up to six months for a hearing, then only to be given a few short hours to state your case and get your concerns heard. Walking in you need to have a plan. You need to have your facts together. You need to leave the courtroom knowing you have done all you can and receive a judgment that is truly in the "best interests of the children".

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