Note: As of Sept. 2010, CustodyTracker has merged with!

Our CVN desktop software has been replaced by the custody tracking service, a web-based program that can be used from any PC with an internet connection. The service offers a greatly-expanded set of tools for tracking and managing custody time, and the staff at ParentingTime are offering a discount to all former CVN customers.

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Help tools are easy to use, and are based on programs you already use at home and work.

Child Support / Financial Tracker

The CVT Financial Tracker will keep track of all payments you have made or received. Financial Tracker gives you the ability to define your scheduled payments (Child and Spousal Support) and will track these by date and amount due. Any variation in the amount paid or received and CVT will make an entry to the appropriate arrears account keeping accurate balance information.

Late payments, missed payments or partial payments, CVT will track and keep your expenditures and receipts organized.The amount spent on daycare, medical bills, school supplies, soccer uniforms and fees - anything you need to track. Also, you will have access to the all information regarding Child Support and Spousal Support payments. CVT also tracks arrearage balances and payments giving you a complete picture of your financials.

With CVT you have control over the accounts you want to track. By adding a new account you will be able to track any expense.

With the search capabilities, CVT provides you up to date information on any account. The search can also provide you a list of transactions by date showing all transactions for a given period.

Search results are presented in a "spreadsheet" format that can either be printed or saved to either a text or html file. There is no coding on the files created so they may be opened in most any program (html files may be opened in any browser application). This allows you the ability to print the report "as is", load it into any other application or attach the file to an email, knowing the recipient will also be able to read the files.


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