Note: As of Sept. 2010, CustodyTracker has merged with!

Our CVN desktop software has been replaced by the custody tracking service, a web-based program that can be used from any PC with an internet connection. The service offers a greatly-expanded set of tools for tracking and managing custody time, and the staff at ParentingTime are offering a discount to all former CVN customers.

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Help tools are easy to use, and are based on programs you already use at home and work.


With the Journaling section of the Custody and Visitation Tracker you keep notes on any topic you need. By creating your own category items you are able to customize CVT to meet your exact needs. If you need to document conversations, what occurs during exchanges, health concerns regarding your children, homework patterns or just need a space to vent - CVT Journal is the answer.

The Journal interface is simple and clean. Select a category, date your entry and record your notes. That is all that is needed to have complete documentation on any subject. The entire Journal is searchable by either specific dates, categories or you may search all categories, all dates or select a "keyword" or phrase. You will always have instant access to all your documentation.

You will create categories as you would label folders in a file cabinet. Assign a "homework" category to all entries pertaining to that topic. Another for "exchanges", "support issues", "conversations", "lawyer", etc. All your notes and documentation will be stored and organized for when you need it.

Search results are presented in a "spreadsheet" format that can either be printed or saved to either a text or html file. There is no coding on the files created so they may be opened in most any program (html files may be opened in any browser application). This allows you the ability to print the report "as is", load it into any other application or attach the file to an email, knowing the recipient will also be able to read the files.


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