Note: As of Sept. 2010, CustodyTracker has merged with!

Our CVN desktop software has been replaced by the custody tracking service, a web-based program that can be used from any PC with an internet connection. The service offers a greatly-expanded set of tools for tracking and managing custody time, and the staff at ParentingTime are offering a discount to all former CVN customers.

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Help tools are easy to use, and are based on programs you already use at home and work.

Child Visitation Tracker

The Custody and Visitation Tracker allows you to create a personalized visitation schedule. By providing basic information regarding your guidelines, CVT Visitation Scheduler will generate a base visitation schedule for you. You define the days and the hours visitation is to begin and end, the period of time you want the schedule generated for (week, month, year or more) and CVT does the rest. Creating any schedule for any length of time can be completed in minutes!

You identify what you want to schedule and track. Schedules for just anything may be created. You have complete control.You can set up schedules for soccer, baseball practice and games, homework schedules or any other activity. Use the Visitation Scheduler to track pick-up and drop-off times for daycare. Create schedules to identify interference with social activities such as missed birthday parties and school functions. You can create and track schedules anything you need.

The second half of this module is the Visitation Tracker. Once your schedule is created, Visitation Tracker allows you to record what is actually happening in regards to the schedule set.

All schedules are searchable by a date range or you may search an entire visitation event or day of the week.

The Visitation Tracker also allows you to identify a "status" to each entry identifing no shows, denied visitation, on-time, etc. You also have the ability to add comments to each and every entry, further adding needed documentation.

Search results are presented in a "spreadsheet" format that can either be printed or saved to either a text or html file. There is no coding on the files created so they may be opened in most any program (html files may be opened in any browser application). This allows you the ability to print the report "as is", load it into any other application or attach the file to an email, knowing the recipient will also be able to read the files.



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